Ballroom dance competition Scoring System

Features of the Service

This is a scoring system for ballroom dance competitions. Enter the sibling service Competition Scoring System from below.

The scoring system has the following features.

  • Scoring will be done using a PC and tablet connected to a server on the Internet.
  • An internet connection is required.
  • It’s unnecessary to choose a software platform as the scoring and tallying all takes place within a browser like Firefox or Chrome.
  • All the servers are fast with 99% uptime.
  • CSV data can be imported. CSV format files can be created using Microsoft Excel. Exporting to PDF is also supported.
  • The scoring system used is the standard system used by ballroom dance competitions. Preliminary competitions use the check method, final competition uses the ranking method, and the final standings are decided using the skating system.
  • It has a QR code reception system.
  • Languages supported English & Japanese.
  • The system was created by Katsushi Kawamori.

How to Use the Service

The outline of how to use this scoring system is shown below. You can also look at the Guide in more detail.


  • The free version is available free of charge for manual input in the summary account. The use of the judges’ terminal is available as the regular version for which you pay $200.00.
  • Please purchase a license key at the shop. Enter the license key to use all features. Payment is accepted through StripeStripe handles the payment information, so no credit card information is made available to the administrator of this site.
  • Available credit cards at Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay are AmericanExpress, JCB, Mastercard, Visa.
  • A user account is created for one email address. This account will be used for tallying and can be used for 6 days.
  • The free version will be granted 1 summary account. In addition, 6 reception and monitoring staff accounts can be granted. For the regular version, 93 accounts will be granted, for a total of 100 accounts (1 summary account, 93 judge accounts, and 6 reception and monitoring staff accounts).
  • Once the 6 days passes, the accounts are automatically deleted.

Difference between free version and regular version

ServiceJudge – Reception and monitoring staff accounts QR code reception system Period System usage feeType of contract
Free0 – 6 6 daysFree Register
Regular93 – 6 6 days $ 200.00Register and Purchase and enter a license key at a shop.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are available only on compatible devices and browsers.

Creating Data

  • Competition data can be created in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program if the program is able to export in CSV format. The exported file should be encoded in UTF-8.

Data import / reception / correction

  • After manually entering the list of competition name, the data for the judges, timetable, and competitors are imported.
  • It has a QR code reception system.
  • It’s also possible to correct for seed or missing number or retired player.


  • During Competition (Tallying)
    • The tallying computer operator should generally keep the progress screen open. It automatically collects data and refreshes every 0.5 seconds.
    • Data for the next round and a PDF file of the results are automatically generated.
    • If there is a competition that needs to be skipped, change the competition number on the Timetable screen then return to the progress screen.
    • After the finals, a CSV file that can be used for making certificates is generated.
  • Competition (Judges)
    • Judges should remain logged in on their tablets for the duration of the competition. Press the Switching button at the end of each round to move to the next round. Do not use the refresh or back buttons on the browser.
    • The operation methods vary between preliminary and final competitions.

Overview Video

The above videos contain outdated versions of the “Progress” and “Judge’s Terminal for Final”. See below for the latest.


  • Output CSV file for certificate of commendation.

Output of the Final Results

  • The result PDF can be downloaded in batches to a ZIP.
  • A CSV file of the final results is results is also generated. This contains competitor codes and is meant for use by the competition organizers.


Please download the detailed manual from the following.