Windows10 Tablet Settings

1. Log in with a summary account and uncheck “Logout impossible” on the “Settings” screen

2. Launch Google Chrome

3. Enter the login address sent by email when registering

4.Enter the terminal name and password sent by email when registering

5. Save password to Chrome

6.On the judge screen, tap “More tools”-> “Create shortcut” from the Chrome menu

7. Check “Open as window” to create a shortcut

8.The URL input screen disappears and it becomes an application

9. Log out or exit

10.Open the notification bar and tap tablet mode to cancel

11.Check that there is a shortcut on the desktop

12.Long press the shortcut, then tap “Pin to Start”

13.Return to tablet mode and make sure it is pinned to the start menu

14.Move to an easy-to-see position

15. Log in with a summary account and check “Logout impossible” on the “Settings” screen

16.Check “Remember Me” and login from the app pinned to the start menu

17.Open the notification bar on the judge screen and tap “Expand”

18.Tap “Focus assist”

19.Changed “Focus assist” to “Alarms only”

20.Inform the judges not to touch the red parts

21. Tap “Windows Settings”-> “System”

22.Tap “Notifications & actions” -> “Add or remove quick actions”

23.Turn everything Off

24.Set “Screen” and “Sleep” to “Never” in “Power and Sleep”

25. Select “Use tablet mode” in “Tablet mode”

26.Tap “Personalization” in “Windows Settings”

27.In “Start”, tap “Choose which folders appear on Start”

28. Turn everything Off

29.Tap “Turn system icons on or off” in “Taskbar”

30. Set “Power” to “On” and all others to “Off”

31.Start menu only the judge app