Progress & Result

Progress: Once the competition has started, the tally is usually monitored here. This is linked to the progression numbers in the tim e table. In the trial version, only manual input of scores is available. If you pay, you can alternate between tallying from the judge’s terminal and manual input.

  • When the scoring has been entered and the scores have been tabulated, the progression number in the timetable will automatically advance by one. Also, the “Next” button will appear. Press this button to move to the next competition.
  • CALL Adjustment: Due to the change in the number of ups, the number of CALLs in the next round is changed and recal culated, and the results are re created.
  • Leave: Process in case of missing number due to retire or defeat play off : Adjust the number of retire’s and ups for the next round. Check the leave and press the “Leave” button. The ups can be specified at the sa me time. If you want to undo the operation due to an operation error, etc., recreate it with “CALL Adjustment” to reset it.
  • Result PDF: The results of that round are displayed in PDF.
  • Next round heat paper PDF: PDFs of the next round’s heat papers for bulletin, players, storage, and moderator will be displayed.
  • Next round judge paper PDF: A PDF of the Judge’s Paper for each judge in the next round will be displayed.
  • All result PDF: View all results to latest round from the first round in PDF.
  • Result PDF for Moderator: A PDF with the rank, number, name and place will be displayed during the final results.
  • Result CSV for Award: At the time of the final results, a CSV file is generated with the section, rank, number, name, place, competition name, holding date , organizer, and presenter, and a “Result CSV for Award” download link button is displayed.

A sample video is shown below. The “Judge account Tablet” cannot be used in the trial version. Instead, a manual input screen will appear on the “Summary account PC”. The screen at the time of judging summary is in 8x speed, and the other screens are in 2x speed.

The above videos contain outdated versions of the “Progress” and “Judge’s Terminal for Final”. See below for the latest.