Settings & Import

1.Settings :Make various settings for the judge’s terminal and the summary account.

  • Manage the logout of the judges’ terminal and summary account:If check the box, logout will be impossible. It is to prevent misoperation.
  • Maximum number of entries in heat:Maximum number of entries per heat. A warning will be issued if this value is exceeded.
  • Alias for the ranking display:Set the ranking display alias. You can set up to 8th place.

2.Competition:Enter the name of the tournament.

3.Type:Add a competition type. Use 1 letter only. This is linked to the type in the timetable.

4.Category:Add a category. Use 1 letter only. This is linked to the category in the timetable.

5.Judge:This will be imported to the judge data (CSV).


  • Import:Import the timetable data (CSV).
  • After importing, competition numbers that have not been created on paper will be red on the timetable.

6.Create paper, Create 1st Paper

  • Go to the creation screen to create a judge paper (a digital paper on the server) for your selected competition number. This will be linked to the timetable. For the first competition of a section, Create 1st Paper.
  • Four types of heat paper PDFs are created (Bulletin, Player inducers, Storage, Moderator). A preliminary judgment paper PDF is also created. PDF settings can be made from “PDF Settings”.

7.1st Paper

  • When you open the drop-down menu, the papers that are not created are displayed in red. Create them by importing competitor’s data (CSV) from each section. It is a good idea to prepare all papers before the competition.

8.Timetable after paper creation

  • Competition numbers that have already been created paper will be green.